A Certified Hand Therapist, CHT, is an Occupational or Physical Therapist who has passed the examination set by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission ( www.htcc.org ) to gain the only Internationally recognized credential for Specialists in Hand Rehabilitation. Entry requirements for the exam include a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience and a minimum of 4000 hours treating hand injuries. The CHT credential assures patients that their treating therapist has comprehensive clinical skills and theory in upper quarter rehabilitation.

Why Choose a CHT?

CHT’s can help to improve a patient’s functional abilities, which may have been lost due to work related, automobile, sports related, day to day injuries or disease. Following upper extremity surgeries, the CHT has the level of competence and knowledge to assist the hand surgeon in the care of his or her patients. When upper extremity splinting is required for protection, immobilization or mobilization the CHT is trained in custom fabrication of these splints or can issue and fit patients with prefabricated braces. Andrew Aylett is one of a select group of therapists in New Jersey to hold the credential CHT.