Frequently Answered Questions


What insurances do you accept?

We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare. We believe surprises are best left for birthdays & Christmas, so prior to your first visit we will verify your insurance benefits. That way you will know what, if anything, your therapy will cost you.

Can I choose my own therapist?

Unless you have a Workers Compensation injury you can go anywhere you like. Even then, many Workers Comp companies don’t have a Hand Therapist in their local network and will therefore allow you to come to Advanced Hand Rehab. Generally speaking though it’s YOUR choice. Some physicians may refer you to therapists that they employ but you ultimately can make the decision where to go. It is worth asking your surgeon if he has any financial involvement in the therapy facility he refers you to. We confidently encourage patients to ask their doctors about Advanced Hand Rehab. From what we hear, our practice is highly regarded amongst local Hand Surgeons. Give us a call & we will tell you where you stand.

Do you treat other things than Hand & Upper Extremity conditions?

The simple answer is no. Just as we believe we provide the best care available for Hand & Upper extremity injuries, there are other therapists who specialize in areas such as developmental delay in children. If we cannot provide the best therapy for your condition we will strive to help you find a local specialist who can. Additionally, we share our three locations with Physical Therapists who specialize in Orthopedic & Sports rehabilitation. So if you have, say, a leg & arm injury we can work together to provide the best therapy for both these conditions at all three of our locations.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Every visit will begin with a thorough evaluation. We will set out a plan of care which will undoubtedly include a home exercise program. We will discuss how often you should attend therapy & answer any & all questions you have. We make ourselves available to patients from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday & respond to all calls immediately.

What should I bring on my first visit?

If your physician gave you a prescription, bring it. We will also need a copy of you insurance card & ID. We love to see x rays if you have them but they are not necessary. You are welcome to bring any other information that you feel will help us provide you with the best service. On arrival we will give you a Medical History form, consent to treat form & a HIPPA privacy form to complete. If you would like to get ahead of the game these forms can be downloaded, completed & brought with you. Click here for the forms.

What is the age range of your patients?

We have treated infants as young as two with congenital deformities of the hand & people in their 90s with a wide range of injuries & conditions. We happily treat people in between too!

Will therapy hurt?

There are many conditions where the old chestnut “No pain, no gain” just does not apply. Sometime, with extreme joint stiffness, we will push you further than you would really like to go, but we never loose sight of the fact that you are in charge. Our years of experience helps us to gauge the appropriate amount of stress to place on different tissues & one word from you & we stop. Remember, YOU are in charge.